JPM Massage

Providing personalised massages for you in the comfort of your own home. Tailored to suit your personal issues or requirements.
Massages tailored to your needs. No need to stress just await for a delightful massage of choice.


JPM mobile massage provides massage services from a variety of massage treatments; for complete relaxation, relieve musclar tension or detoxifying the body in the comfort of your own home. For thoses who have no time to make spa's appointments but want a spa feel in there own environment this service will be a necessity. JPM Massage also provides corporate massage, well-being days, to those who work within the office and corporate buildings.The purpose will promote the importance of health and well-being plus the event can also be a simple appreciation day for an employer, employees and team leaders etc to be pampered. Studies show the majority of people to suffer from tension caused through stress and incorrect posture. This can later result to back problem or continuous discomfort.


☆☆☆☆☆ | Colin, 28 
"Such amazing Massage! I have been getting Massages of JPM for months now and feel so much better "

☆☆☆☆☆ | Elle, 32
"Such a relaxing Massage,thank you so much**

☆☆☆☆☆ | Abdul, 24 
"**Jess is Great, will def be coming back!"


Massages relaxes the body's soft tissues relieves muscle tension and releases toxinings from the body. Health and well-being is vital to your body and mind, it keeps the body well balanced and revitalized. Maintaining your health regimen through regular massage can improve many things such as blood circulation , metabolism, mobility and flexibility. Massages benefits relieve and release stress, anxiety , headache and muscular tension. Massage is the natural and best treatment for physical and emotional trauma. 


JPM Massage will endeavour to provide a immaculate service that can make a difference to the clients. This is our ethos and we will continue to build and supply a high standard of service. Gifted in providing healing to the body and ministering to the soul. JPM massage  ensures to deliver a professional massage as this is vital and the culture of JPM massage.